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Kostenloser, C02-neutraler Versand in 100% plastikfreier Graspapierverpackung.
Kostenloser, C02-neutraler Versand in 100% plastikfreier Graspapierverpackung.
Nachhaltige Elektroauto Wartung

Sustainable maintenance of your electric car

You are the proud owner of an electric car and want to know how to best your beloved Stromer consistent can maintain? In this article you will find helpful answers to the most important questions about the maintenance of your electric car:




How are battery-powered vehicles constructed?

If you believe the tabloids, you might think that electric cars are immature in terms of their technology, prone to errors and therefore more maintenance-intensive than combustion engines. However, anyone who seriously deals with the technology of battery-powered vehicles will quickly notice how simple their structure is in reality - and what advantages it has.

The heart of every car makes the biggest difference: the drive. Classic combustion engines consist of 1,000-1,500 (partly hot, moving) parts, including Ignition, belt drive, oil circuit, cooling, clutch and exhaust system belong. An electric motor - hardly bigger than a handball - and the battery, on the other hand, require just ≈200 components.
The significantly lower number of components (only a few of which are hot and movable), the 1-speed automatic with recuperation and the lack of oil result in a significantly lower-maintenance drive in electric vehicles.


Elektroantrieb VW
A typical electric drive that takes up little space (here: VW).


Since the other areas such as bodywork and (power) electronics hardly differ in electric cars and combustion engines, the electric car has a clear advantage overall: Because of the leaner technology, significantly less maintenance work is required than was the case with combustion engines. This is what progress looks like!



What maintenance is required for electric cars?

Even if numerous components and fluids are omitted from electric cars, there are certain scheduled maintenance that must be carried out. These include the following:


  • Review of the electrical system (Battery, electric motor, inverter, charger, wiring)
  • Lubrication of all Assemblies
  • Maintenance of the Lighting and signaling system
  • Monitoring and changing the Operating fluids (Coolant, brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid)
  • Review and maintenance of the suspension (Shock absorbers, steering arms, etc.)
  • Exchange of the Indoor air filters
  • Change of Wiper blades
  • Seasonal Tire change (or change of all-season tires)
  • Cleaning / replacement of Brake discs and pads
  • Regular, long-term car Care



What kind of repairs can I do on my own?

Some of the maintenance listed above can only be carried out by qualified personnel, as professional equipment is required and a so-called for all work on the electrical system High voltage certificate is assumed. This is exactly the purpose of automakers Inspection plan set up to check your vehicles at set intervals and repair them if necessary. Depending on the manufacturer, customers have to have an inspection every 10,000-30,000 km to keep the warranty - Tesla drivers, in turn, can do this on a voluntary basis.
However, some maintenance work can also be carried out independently without equipment without any problems, i.e. outside the inspection. Here is a small overview of things that you can guarantee you can do yourself:


Do-it-yourself! Dealer / specialist workshop interval
Electrical system check x At the inspection
Assemblies lubricate x At the inspection
Lighting system maintain x In the event of a defect
Operating fluids switch (window cleaner only) x Depending on the manufacturer and needs
suspension check x At the inspection
Interior filter change x After 15,000 km or 1 year
Wiper blades switch x After 1-2 years
tires switch x x Depending on tires and wear
Brake discs and pads change x Depending on the manufacturer and needs
Car Care- and cleaning x Regular material maintenance

Important NOTE: Scroll right to see the entire table!


Most manufacturers also carry out the simplest work during the inspection, such as changing the cabin filter or the windshield wipers. As a customer, however, you have the right to replace wearing parts yourself. That has none negative impact on the vehicle warranty and you can announce before the inspection that you have carried out the work yourself in order to avoid having to replace it again.
The advantage: You can change wear parts so that it becomes your personal driving profile fits - and does not match the manufacturer's inspection interval.



How does EV DOC help me maintain my electric car?

As a sustainable brand for e-car parts, we not only have all the important spare parts and care products for your electric car in our range, but also built a shop that for the needs of us e-mobilists is made: thanks to our simple parts search, you can quickly and easily find the right electric car parts for your Stromer. Our range includes:



With the help of our non-binding subscription function, we will remind you in good time of upcoming maintenance - simply select the maintenance interval that suits your driving profile when purchasing and you will receive a reminder email when the time comes. This is how it works simple.


EV DOC Abonnements

Even if you own several e-cars, you lose thanks to the EV DOC Subscriptions never keep track of upcoming maintenance, such as changing filters.


In the event that you would like to treat yourself and your electric car to all-round care, we also have complete ones Servicepakete Built for you: You can put together activated carbon filters, aero windscreen wipers and organic car care (for cockpit, paintwork and leather) as you wish. You can also buy a service package as a subscription to maintain your e-car sustainably over the long term.



Do you have any questions or comments about the maintenance services listed or our e-car parts? Are there any functions that you are missing in our shop? If so, please leave a comment! We look forward to suggestions and are always actively looking for an exchange: Because EV DOC is made by e-drivers, for e-drivers.

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